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The origin of the name Rhodes has been associated with “rhodon”. Mythology states that when Zeus and the other gods of Olympus decided to divide the earth, they forgot to keep a lot for the missing Sun God. The Sun reported the injustice, and when he saw that a fertile land was emerging from the sea, then he asked Lachesis and Zeus to take an oath that when this island finally emerged it would be his forever, as it did.

Rhodes has a huge history and countless attractions. Nature is generous. Huge sandy beaches, emerald waters, castles and ancient states, gourmet restaurants, but also traditional taverns, luxury hotels and villages.


Old Town of Rhodes: In the Old Town every stone tells a story reaching a depth of 2,400 years. Ancient statues, marble coats of arms, fountains, the Way of the Knights and the Palace of the Grand Master, mosques and Turkish baths, the Clock Tower with the incredible view is the legacy left by the past civilizations.

The Grand Master in Kastelo and the Street of the Knights: The most famous street of the Old Town of Rhodes was the Street of the Knights, restored to its form in the Middle Ages. Here are the accommodations of the national teams that formed the order of the Knights of St. John. At the highest point of the road dominates the imposing Castello, the Palace of the Grand Master, with its towers, which is a magnificent huge and one of the most important sights of the island.

Mandraki: It is the modern city of Rhodes, with the shopping center, the big hotels, the countless cafes, the restaurants, the clubs, but also the traditional “Marasiotika” houses. In the port of Mandraki, on two high columns of porphyry, are the symbols of the island: the deer and the deer. At the edge of the pier of the port rises the small fortress of Agios Nikolaos, built in 1464-67.

Colossus of Rhodes: According to a tradition, the Colossus once stood in the place of the deer in the port. The ships sailed under his feet and the passage was closed at night with a chain. One of the most impressive “stories” that an island in the Aegean has to tell you!

Lindos: The ancient citadel of Lindos, one of the most popular shrines of antiquity, surrounded by the walls of the Knights, stands 116 m above sea level. Here you will admire the impressive Doric temple of Lindia Athena, of the 4th century BC.

Faliraki of Rhodes: A paradise for adrenaline lovers with all the water sports, carting and bungee jumping tracks and one of the largest Aqua parks in the Mediterranean.

Beaches: Kiotari, Kallithea, Agathi, Mavros Kavos, Afandou (with golf course), Traganou (with the beautiful caves) are some of the most famous beaches of the island with wonderful clear waters.

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