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Zakynthos, or “Jante”, or Fiore di Levante according to the Venetians, is one of the islands of the Ionian Islands. Zakynthos, took its name from its first colonizer Zakynthos son of the King of Phrygia Dardanus. Today, the island is one of the most beautiful and popular resorts in Greece with its turquoise waters and one of the top summer destinations.


Shipwreck: The most famous beach of the island. The shipwreck was located in Zakynthos in 1980. The ship named “Panagiotis” ended up on the shore which was then called “Ai Giorgis” after days at sea. The beach is now known as “Shipwreck”.

Laganas: Large in area and together with the Shipwreck one of the most famous beaches with clear blue waters in Greece.

Gerakas: Easily accessible beach, with public parking, suitable for families.

Blue Caves: A unique experience. The visit to the caves by sea kayak or canoe will be unforgettable.

National Marine Park: One of the impressive sights of Zakynthos is the first National Marine Park of Greece. The rare Caretta caretta sea turtles “frequent” here. From spring they start from the Gulf of Libya and the North Adriatic, to get here … not for holidays, but to lay their eggs on the beaches of Geraka, Dafni, Kalamaki, Marathonisi and mainly in Sekania, east of Laganas . If you are lucky enough to see the spawning, silently admire the spectacle of nature.

The neighborhood of Bohali: In the old district of Bohali, 2 km from the center, you will enjoy the panorama to the port, Argassi and the bay of Laganas. Narrow with old houses and cafes accompanied by incredible views. Even higher, drowned in the green, the fortress of Zakynthos, where during the Venetian occupation was the capital of the island.

Strofades: 37 nautical miles from Zakynthos, two solitary islands and a castle-monastery from 1440, where an image of the Virgin of the 11th or 13th century was thrown standing on the waves by the faithful of Constantinople, to be saved during the Iconoclasm.

The picturesque village of Kiliomenos: The locals say that Mick Jagger comes from Kiliomenos, which is why he christened the band the Rolling Stones (“rolling” stones)… The information is false, but the beauty is true. There, you will admire the traditional architecture and the old houses that look like fortresses.

Wineries of the island: In Zakynthos are cultivated about 19,000 acres of vineyards and there are over 60 different varieties of wine. Do not neglect to visit a traditional winery of the island.

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