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According to mythology, the island was named after the hero Mykonos.

The island was originally colonized by the Egyptians, Icarians, Phoenicians and Minoans and today is one of the most popular and beloved destinations in Greece and around the world. Glamorous and cosmopolitan, it attracts VIPs from all over the world like a magnet from 1960 until today. Not coincidentally, it is voted in the first places of the best destinations for holidays: excellent beaches, award-winning restaurants, endless fabulous parties, expensive yachts, dream villas, beautiful people, five star beach service.


Mykonos Town, the most famous in the Aegean: The architecture of Mykonos Town is unique and its neighborhoods with the captains’ houses, the old churches, the wells, the narrow whitewashed alleys and the flower pots are buzzing all day long. people who walk around and admire them. In Gialos you will meet the famous pelicans of Mykonos and you will see Agios Nikolaos of Kadena.

Little Venice and the Mills: In the much-photographed Little Venice, the houses built in the 18th century have foundations on the sea. They say that from the doors on the water the pirates put their prey inside … Today they host bars and restaurants and from their balconies the glow of the Aegean is dazzling. The other trademark of Mykonos, the Kato Myloi, milled the grain with the power of the north until the beginning of the 20th century. Today, they gaze at the sea evocatively illuminated at night.

Archaeological Museum: The Archaeological Museum is located in the old port and will take you with its exhibits back to the 9th and 8th century BC … Much of its collection is dedicated to ceramic objects discovered in Mykonos and Delos. Another attraction of the museum is the remains of a statue of Hercules from the 2nd century, made of Parian marble.

Matogianni: Here you will find three identical wells, which in the 18th century supplied the island with water. It is interesting that their depth does not exceed 5 meters. Here you will find the Naval Museum of Mykonos, with ship models from the early Minoan period to the 20th century, as well as other objects of naval content, such as manuscripts and photographs. Certainly if you are in the area, you will also pass by the house of Manto Mavrogenous’s mother.

Armenistis lighthouse: It dates back to 1891. It is worth going there on foot, as well as to see its old mechanism in the garden of the Aegean Maritime Museum in Chora. Spend an afternoon there to enjoy the sunset.


Beaches: Agios Sostis, Kalafatis, Lia, Ornos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Ftelia, Psarou, some of the most famous beaches of the island. The beaches in Mykonos are innumerable – but all wonderful. By boat, by car, on foot you will reach the most cosmopolitan, but also the most isolated.

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