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Patras is the largest city in the Peloponnese and the third largest in Greece, after Athens and Thessaloniki. It is an important urban center and has one of the largest ports in Greece, at a key point, which is a key channel of communication with Italy as well as Europe. It is the “hometown” of the most famous carnival in Greece and seems to live to the rhythm of Halloween all year round. In the shopping malls, in the squares, on the pedestrian streets for endless walks, but also in the bustling port-passage to Italy. This Peloponnese city, with its Mediterranean temperament, will surprise you.

Whether you’re only staying in Patras for a few days, or planning a longer stay in the city, you’ll find plenty to do and see.


Patras’ Carnival: endless fun, dancing, floats, masquerades and the famous hidden treasure hunt, established in 1966. All year round, municipal carnival crews and artist workshops think, brainstorm, cut and sew, for the sake of Halloween. The result makes young and old children very happy. The big parade takes place on the last Sunday of the Carnival with the burning of the carnival king, while on Maundy Monday prizes are awarded to the carnival groups.

Sightseeing in the Upper Town: With its narrow streets, arches and traditional houses, it is ideal for walking. Walking you will see the dasyllium and important sights of the city: the castle, the ancient conservatory, the temple of Pantokrator from the 19th century, the Roman amphitheater from the 1st century AD, the hammam. But also the old Hospital of 1857, which was founded by Othon and functions as a Spiritual Center and Exhibition Space.

Agios Andreas: Visit the magnificent temple of the patron saint of Patras, Agios Andreas. The dome reaches a height of 46 meters and there rests the 5-meter gilded cross that symbolizes Christ, while the 12 smaller ones, which surround it, symbolize his disciples. It is of Byzantine style and was founded by George I in 1908, while it was inaugurated in 1974.

The Hammams: From the church of Pantokrator, if you walk straight towards Boukaouri Street, you will reach the hammams: they were built during the Venetian occupation and are the only Turkish baths still operating in Greece.

Patras Lighthouse: It was the ornament and symbol of the Achaean capital. Whenever a ship of a foreign nationality entered the port, a sailor on the ship would fly his country’s flag on the lighthouse and the orchestra would welcome the newly arrived ship, playing its national anthem. The Lighthouse of Patras was originally built on the pier of Agios Nikolaos, where it remained until 1972, when it was demolished. In 1999, a replica of the old Lighthouse was built, a little further south, near the Holy Church of Agios.

Nearby destinations: At the foot of the mythical Helmos lies Kalavryta, an ideal destination for winter holidays, as the ski center of Kalavryta is one of the most beautiful and well-organized ski centers. It is worth your stay to include a visit to the cave of the lakes, a rare creation of nature. The toothed one starts its route from Diakopto, a coastal village with nice beaches, from where you can make beautiful mountain excursions. The second most populous city of the prefecture, Aigio offers great options for entertainment and relaxation: on the one hand in the fir-covered mountains and on the other in spotless beaches, such as Aliki and Digeliotika.

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