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Heraklion is the capital of Crete and one of the Mediterranean region’s most fascinating and vibrant cities. It is full of places to discover. With the current efforts to open up the wonderful mediaeval city center, it speaks to us of a past full of history and great events that reflect its location at the crossroads of three continents.


The Palace of Knossos: Remarkably sophisticated, is believed to have been the mythical Labyrinth of King Minos.

Take a scenic walk around Heraklion Old Town: Heraklion grew up around the sea, and still today, the old town focuses on the harbor. A) Find Loggia, which today operates as Heraklion’s town hall. B)Meet Morosini Fountain in Lion Square. C) Dedicated to the patron saint of Heraklion, the Cathedral of St. Minas is an impressive building located in the Old Town. D) Shopping in the Old Town.

Koules Fortress: An impressive Venetian fortress dating from the early 16th century.

Archeological Museum: The museum’s treasures are spread out over 27 different galleries and cover more than 5,500 years of history.

Natural History Museum: Fun activities for children and adults include an earthquake and tsunami simulator. In addition, an entire floor is devoted to stuffed animals that live or once lived around the Mediterranean Sea.

Historical Museum: Contains archaeological items spanning 1.700 years of history on the island, from early Christian times to the modern era.

Day Trip to the Palace of Phaestos: Ruins of a palace, built around 1600 BC, centering on a spacious paved courtyard and beautifully located on a sunbaked hillside backed by the rugged heights of Mount Psiloritis overlooking the deep blue Libyan Sea.

El Greco Museum, Fodele: In the 16th century, Heraklion was home to an important school of religious icon painters. One of its members, Domenikos Theotokopoulos (1541-1614), went on to become a world-class artist, better known as El Greco.

The Caves of Matala: The most ancient village in Crete lies about 70 km south of Heraklion.

Check out the beaches nearby: The best beaches include Ammoudara beach which is just 5 km away from Heraklion, and Palaiokastro beach 8 kms away.

Monastery of Koudoumas: Located in southern Crete, close to the bay of Tris Klisies.

Food Tour: There is a number of tours you can choose from, ranging from group food tours to private ones.

Boat trips from Heraklion: There are several choices of boat tours you might take. It’s even possible to take a day tour to Santorini by boat.

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