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Rethymnon is built on the north coast of Crete and has been a large settlement since the 5th century BC, as it is related to the ancient Minoan city-state “Rithymna”. The earliest recorded evidence of life in Rethymno is Neolithic sherds and the first inhabitants of the area were Minoans of the Late Minoan period. Today, it shows a lot of tourist traffic during the summer, while the rest of the year there is a presence of students, as the University of Crete is located near the city. Rethymnon and Crete in general are one of the top summer tourism destinations.

Whether you’re staying in Rethymno for just a few days, or planning a longer stay in Crete, you’ll find plenty to do and see.


Journey to the landmarks of the city: The Nerandze Mosque (Conservatory) with the theorized minaret of 1890. The New Square has around it the whole history of the old city with the beautiful houses, the Conservatory, the Catholic Church of St. Francis, a Turkish Turbet (mausoleum) and the Turkish school. In Titos Petichakis Square (or Platano) you will pass by the bustling restaurants and cafes, to come out to the famous Rimondi Fountain, built in 1626. The famous Makri Steno (Nikiforou Fokas), which leads from the Municipal Garden to Fortetsa, is one of the most beautiful alleys of Rethymno full of Venetian houses and stone fountains.

The Venetian harbor and the lighthouse: From Nearcho Street you will find yourself in front of the puppet Venetian harbor with the restored lighthouse built between 1830-40. Behind the harbor is the 16th century Venetian Loggia.

The “tropical” beach of Rethymno: The longest beach of the island with a length exceeding 12 kilometers stretches to the east of the city of Rethymno as far as Skaleta. In Adelianos Kampos you can do water sports and in Pigianos Kampos you can enjoy a quiet swim in rocky coves. Along the entire length of the beach there are beach bars with sunbeds, shops and hotels.

A tropical oasis hidden in Preveli beach: Against the backdrop of a dense palm forest, a magnificent lagoon and a Cretan gorge, Preveli beach has every reason to be considered one of the most exotic in Greece.

Old Town: Ornately carved doors with Venetian coats of arms, Ottoman mosques with picturesque minarets and buildings with wooden windows. You really won’t know what to admire on your walk from the city center to the port of Rethymno.

Fortezza: The restored house of the Venetian commander, the mosque of Sultan Ibrahim Khan which hosts musical events, the Episcopal Palace, the Ibrahim Khan Mosque, the old gunpowder stores, the palace, which was the residence of the Councilors, and the bastions are just a few of the attractions that await you in Fortezza. The fortress complex was built in the 16th century. Many of the restored buildings host exhibitions and important cultural events, such as the annual Renaissance Festival.

Museums with history: During your holidays in Rethymno, it is worth a visit to the Paleontological Museum, inside the Veli Pasha Mosque with elements relating to the paleontological history of Crete up to 300,000,000 years ago. Also visit the Historical Folklore Museum, housed in an outstanding 17th-century Venetian mansion, and the Archaeological Museum, opposite the Fortezza entrance, in the old city prisons.

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